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About us

We are a small but growing jewellery business operating from a workshop in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, specialising in custom designed jewellery in precious metals. The business is run by designer maker Robert Ketch, BA (Hons), with input from other noted designers and craftspeople. As a team we share a passion for jewellery, design, art and creativity that brings us together.

Our story

A long time ago as a teenager, Robert had a passion for jewellery, but noticed that he could only buy rings that fitted his little finger in his local market (Portobello Rd). This led him to train as a Jeweller creating bespoke jewellery that fitted and suited clients’ individual needs. For a number of years he did this before a change of circumstances distracted him, forcing him to quit his training.  

Through countless jobs of every variety Robert never forgot his passion for jewellery and art. One day at a particularly low point in his life Robert decided to resuscitate his former business from the ground up. Digging out unloved and damaged tools he immersed himself in a world of jewellery and encouraged by members of the local art community in Kent, particularly Art spring gallery in Tonbridge and Andy Young (owner of Living Jewellery, Tonbridge, Kent) he re-entered the world of custom designed jewellery, gaining a workshop space in a small community of artists in Tunbridge Wells . With further support from members of London’s Hatton Garden jewellery quarter he had the opportunity to study BA Fashion Accessories And Jewellery at London Metropolitan University (formerly London Guildhall University) achieving a first class honours award.

This period of study whilst simultaneously running a jewellery business kept Robert grounded whilst encouraging him to embrace new methods of working and techniques. These included computer aided design and 3D printing, and Robert adopted these concepts marrying them up with the timeless traditional techniques so cherished in his profession. With an eye for quality learned from the best he began to create a variety of high value customised pieces of jewellery for discerning clients once again.

Robert has been called obsessive with regards to gemstones, jewellery design and similar subjects many times. This story and that obsession creates every piece of jewellery that leaves our workshop today.

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