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At RK Jewellery Designs we combine time honoured traditional skills with cutting edge techniques, helping you to bring out the full potential in your ideas. We can currently offer consultations in Latvian, Dutch, Russian and Hebrew/Yiddish as well as English, and can often arrange virtual consultations/viewings at a time to suit customers outside the UK.  If you don’t speak English, just send us an email in your own language or English and we will arrange for a member of our team to help you.

Custom created jewellery and objets d'art  are what we are all about, your jewellery your way.

gold ring with aquamarine and diamonds


We are here to create long term customers, so we would rather spend a little longer on you, making sure everything is as you wish, than create something that is less than perfect in your eyes- put simply our customers come back again and again.

We have an expert knowledge of precious stones both simulated and natural and love to show them off so why not arrange a viewing? We can provide diamonds (or other gemstones) with various levels of certification including GIA at every size and cut available -or cut to your specific needs to order. To add to this, we can work in any precious metal available (including palladium, niobium, tantalum and electrum to name a few), setting us apart from the competition by a long way.

We are sensitive to budgetary constraints and will help you through your design in the most cost-effective way, whilst still retaining the high level of quality we pride ourselves on. We understand that the process of ordering custom made jewellery can seem quite daunting to those outside the trade and have made it our goal to turn it back into the exciting and fun experience that it should be. We achieve this by listening to your needs and recommending appropriate designs and gems, rather than upselling for a short-term gain, whilst demystifying the often-confusing terminology within the jewellery trade.

Remodelling existing jewellery is another part of our work, making new creations from cherished pieces that will be cherished again for years to come as well as sympathetic repairs to bring jewellery back to life. 

How does it work?

  1. Clients come to us with a basic idea, sometimes this has been as simple as some diamonds arranged in Blu Tack (an adhesive putty) or very simple sketches, sometimes a style of jewellery they enjoy in a picture.
  2. We establish a budget to work within (keeping the final price within your control), and guide clients with suggestions of gemstone sizes and cuts, metal choices- you might consider this the technical bit, but don’t worry we make it very relaxed and simple.
  3. We will create at least one model using our software to show you how your idea will look, this is a chance for clients to make changes or add new suggestions to their design.
  4. Once you are happy with this stage of your design an estimate is provided and a 40% deposit is taken which is 50% refundable in the event of a cancellation at this stage. This is to cover the overheads which are non-refundable to us.
  5. Now the fun part begins! A viewing will be arranged either virtually or in person with a selection of gemstones available for you to select from. This process is one of the ways we are different from many other jewellers, with you selecting the gems that suit you perfectly. We will take as long as necessary to achieve this (and although it rarely happens, we will happily conduct multiple viewings), and are confident you will be as excited as we are to see the finished piece after this stage.
  6. Using our 3D software and printers, we create a physical model for you to see and try on. This is a representation of the final version and so allows us to check technical details are perfect and for you to check ring sizes, earring dimensions etc. where necessary these models will be supplied with replica stones to help you.
  7. If you are happy with the replica then we will create your custom jewellery, this process will take two to four weeks - you will be kept informed by us of every stage of the process if you wish.
  8. Your custom jewellery will be boxed in a premium quality box, gift wrapped if required and ready for collection or delivery worldwide, hallmarked and with an insurance valuation (provided by one of our partners).
  9. At this stage final payment is required, but its not the end of the journey! We want you to be happy and will follow up your order to make sure everything is as it should be.

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